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Parts of my image are being removed by the Editor
Parts of my image are being removed by the Editor
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When adding images to the Design Canvas, the Editor attempts to remove the background from the image. If this happens, a portion of the background may disappear or become distorted. To correct this, you may want to turn off the background removal as it might be removing some of the actual image (product, floorplan, client space, etc.).

 1. Open the Moodboard / Roomboard Editor.

 2. In the Design Canvas, find and click the affected image/item.
 3. On the Editing Toolbar, find and click the Remove Background option.

 4. The Remove Background window will appear. Find the Color range option and move the Toggle all the way to the left. Ensure that the value is 0.

  • Note: Ensure that the Auto-Remove Background tab is selected.

 5. Click Save to update the image.

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