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Adding Floor Plans to your Project
Adding Floor Plans to your Project
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In this article, you will learn how to add floor plans to your project. If you have a separate floorplan and wanted to upload it to a project, you can use this method. It is also worth noting that DesignFiles already have a Floorplanner / 3D Renderer that enables you to create a floorplan and create 3D designs.

 1. On the Menu, click Projects and select the project where you want to add the floor plans to.

 2. In the DESIGN BOARDS tab, find and click the Add Design button.

 3. A dialog box will appear, click the Create Design button to access the Editor.
 4. In the Product, Paint & More Panels, click the My Library tab to upload a floor plan image.

 5. In the My Library tab, find and click the Upload button. This opens a dialog box where you can drag & drop images or select files from your computer.

 6. In this example, we are using the select files from your computer link to search and select the floor plan.
 7. The File Location (Open) window will appear. Find and select the file that you want to upload.

 8. After selecting the file, click Open.
 9. The selected image will appear in the dialog box, click I’m done to proceed.

 10. The Edit Product Details window will appear. Since this is a floor plan, you do not need to fill out all the fields. You can just add a label in the Product name field and just enter Floor Plan or the project’s name with a floor plan indicator.

 11. Click Save to add the floor plan to the My Library.
 12. The uploaded floor plan should appear in the My Library tab. You can click on the Refresh icon if you cannot find the image.

  • Note: you can also click the Project Items tab to find the uploaded floor plan.

 13. Drag and drop the floor plan into the Design Canvas. Make sure to apply the necessary adjustments to fit the image in the center of the canvas.

 14. We suggest keeping the design board solely for the floor plan and not add any other items. Click the Save button to add the floor plan to the project.

For more information on how to add floor plans to your projects, watch this video:

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