Installing and Using the Add to DesignFiles Product Clipper
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In this article, you will learn how to set up the DesignFiles’ Browser Clipper and use it to grab product images and details from your favorite vendor sites in seconds. 

Getting the DesignFiles Browser Clipper

 1. Find and click the Account Menu and select Get Browser Clipper. You will be directed to the Install the DesignFiles Browser Clipper page.

 2. Click and hold on the Add to DesignFiles button (Blue Bar).

 3. Drag and release it into your browser’s Bookmarks Bar to make it visible and easy to access when needed.

  • Note: ensure you have the Bookmarks Bar enabled before adding the Add to DesignFiles button.

Using the  DesignFiles Browser Clipper

 1. To use the browser clipper, go to an external vendor’s website and find the product that you want to save into your DesignFiles account.

 2. Once you found the product, click the Add to DesignFiles option from your Bookmarks Bar. This will expand the Browser Clipper panel on the right.
Most times the image to be clipped will load in the clipper box automatically, other times you may see a loading screen.
In this case, click on the Image picker then click back on the main image on the page. This will load it into the clipper box.

3. You can browse other product images using the < > arrows or use the Grab icon to capture your preferred image of the product. To do this, click the Grab icon and click the product image. This will add the selected product image to the Browser Clipper.

  • Note: you can add more product images by clicking the Clip additional images link.

4. After capturing the product image, choose where you want to save the product. In the Where do you want to save this item? field, click the drop-down arrow and select the preferred location.

  • Note: you can choose to either add it to My Library or to any existing projects.

 5. By default, the Product Name, Vendor and the Link (Source Link) details are already grabbed. If the product name field is empty, you can use the Grab icon to capture the product name.
 6. In the Tags field, specify the product tags.

 7. In the Unit Price field, click the Grab icon to activate and click the Price on the vendor’s website to grab the product price.
 8. In the Markup field, add a markup percentage.

  • Note: after adding a Markup, the Client price field will automatically generate a calculated value.

 9. In the SKU field, click the Grab icon to activate and click the SKU on the vendor’s website to grab the product ID.
 10. In the Description field, click the Grab icon to activate and click the Product Description on the vendor’s website to grab the product description.

 11. In the Dimensions and Material/Finish fields, use the Grab icon to capture the following details.
 12. Review the product information and click Save Selected to save the product to your DesignFiles account.

 13. You can click Continue Browsing to continue and browse the vendor website or check your DesignFiles account to verify if the product was successfully saved.

For more information on how to use the Browser Clipper, please watch the - New Browser Clipper video.

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