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Creating Invoices from Quotes
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In this article, you will learn how to create invoices from existing quotes. This option enables you to directly create invoices within the quotation.

 1. On the Menu, click Projects and select the project where the project quote is saved.

 2. Click the QUOTES tab to access the Quotes Overview page.

 3. Find the quote where you want to create the invoice from and click its More Options menu to enable additional options.

 4. Click Create Invoice from Quote to create the invoice.

 5. You will be directed to the INVOICES tab. In this tab, you can start updating the invoice information. By default, all items/products under the selected quote will be populated in the invoice. 

 6. After updating the invoice, select the preferred action to take:

  • Send Invoice: Clicking this button will show a modal that allows you to add custom message that will appear in the Invoice email to the client.

  • Save Draft: Clicking this button will save the invoice as a draft and will redirect you to the Invoice Overview page.

  • Save Draft & Preview: Clicking this button will save the invoice as a draft and will generate a Preview as Client View invoice page.
    Note: exit the invoice preview by clicking the Exit Preview button.

  • Cancel: Clicking this button will cancel the invoice creation and will redirect you to the Invoice page.

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