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Financials Overview
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The Financials page allows you to get an overview of the financial health of your business and manage your invoices, retainers, package purchase, quotes, and purchase orders without having to go through each project.

 1. On the Menu, click Financials to open the Financials Overview page.

 2. To narrow down your search, use the Search bar and enter a keyword related to the invoice that you are looking for (i.e. Project Name, Client, Due Date, etc.).

  • All Invoices: displays all invoices regardless if it is paid or open (e.g. Submitted, Past Due, Paid, Draft, etc.).

  • Open Invoices: displays all open/active invoices and hides paid invoices.

  3. In addition, this page displays the following financial details at a glance:

  • Issue Date

  • Due On

  • Client

  • ID

  • Project

  • Tax

  • Total

  • Balance

  • Services Revenue

  • Markup Revenue

  • Status

  • Quickbooks Sync

 5. This feature allows you to manage your invoices without having to go through each project. You can use the More Options menu to do the following actions:

  • Edit Invoice

  • View Client Invoice

  • Record a Payment

  • Record a Refund

  • Download Invoice (PDF)

  • Duplicate Invoice

  • Change Status

  • Sync with QuickBooks

  • Create Purchase Orders from Invoice

  • Share via Link

  • Delete Invoice

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