Syncing Invoices with QuickBooks
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In this article, you will learn how to sync invoices to QuickBooks within the Financials menu. It is worth noting that you must integrate your DesignFiles and QuickBooks accounts before syncing invoices. See Setting Up the QuickBooks Online Integration article for more information on how to integrate DesignFiles to your QuickBooks account.

In addition, invoices created prior to the integration will not be automatically synced to QuickBooks. Lastly, invoices with draft status will not be synced automatically.

It is worth noting that you can also sync invoices to QuickBooks from the project itself. This option under the Financials Menu enables you to manage financial related operations including but not limited to QuickBooks synchronization.

 1. On the Menu, click Financials to open the Financials Overview page.

 2. To narrow down your search, use the Search bar and enter a keyword related to the invoice that you are looking for (i.e. Project Name, Client, Due Date, etc.).

 3. Find the invoice that you want to sync to QuickBooks and click its More Options menu to enable additional options.

 4. Click the Sync with QuickBooks Toggle icon to enable QuickBooks syncing. After enabling the syncing option, an In-Sync status will appear under the QB column.

  • Note: to disable the QuickBooks syncing option, you can turn off the Sync with QuickBooks Toggle.

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