Discussing the Project with your Client
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In this article, you will learn how to use the Discussion panel within the Design Boards page. This feature lets you communicate with your client without having to leave DesignFiles.

 1. On the Menu click Projects and select the project that you want to update. Ensure that the DESIGN BOARDS tab is selected.

  • Note: by default, the DESIGN BOARDS option is active when accessing Projects.

 2. In the DESIGN BOARDS page, scroll down and find the Discuss The Project with Your Client panel.
(Please note that this option will only be visible if a client is already attached to the project.)

 3. In the Send a Message about this Design… field, enter your message to your client. 

  • Note: you can attach an image using the Attach an image link.

 4. After entering your message, click the Post button. This will post your message to the discussion panel. Your client will be able to see and reply to the posted message.

Once you click the Post button, your message will be live. You can still edit your message using the Edit (pen) icon which enables the field for editing. If you wish to delete your message, click the Delete icon.

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