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Cut-out products from the background image
Cut-out products from the background image
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In this article, you will learn how to cut-out products from the background image. The Manually Remove Background tool allows you to trace around the edges of an item and remove it from the background image.

 1. Go to a project and open the Moodboard / Roomboard Editor.

 2. From the Products or My Library Panels, select the product that you want to edit by Dragging and Dropping it into the Design Canvas.
 3. Ensure that the product is selected and click the Remove Background option from the Editing Toolbar.

 4. The Remove Background window will appear. By default, the Auto-Remove Background tab is active when accessing this window. Click the Manually Remove Background tab to open.

 5. Point your Cursor on the item that you want to cut-out and click it to create a Starting Point.

 6. Continue plotting the cut-out points on the product’s edges until you reach the Starting Point again.

 7. After you completed selecting the points, the area outside the selection will be grayed out. When this happens, you can adjust the plotted points to polish the edges and ensure that the background images are removed.

 8. Once you are satisfied with the selection, click Save to save the updated product image.
 9. Ensure that you also click the Save button located at the Design Board Actions Menu to apply the changes to the design board.

For more information on how to cut-out products from the background image, watch this video tutorial:

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