In general, the Manual Line Item option lets you add line items for custom charges. You can use this to add line items for rendered service(s) such as labor, design hours, and other related items.

1. When creating an invoice, click the + Add Manual Line Item button. This will enable Line Item fields.

 2. In the ITEM NAME field, enter Labor/Design Hours (or something similar) as its label.
 3. In the ITEM TYPE field, click the drop-down arrow and select Services.
 4. In the NOTES field, enter a second note or description about the line item.

5. Use the UNIT PRICE field as your hourly rate.
6. In the QTY field, enter the number of hours.
7. Proceed with the next steps in creating the invoice. Once you are done, you can use the Send Invoice to send the invoice to your client or save it as a draft.

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