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Can I save products from the PRODUCTS tab to my own library?
Can I save products from the PRODUCTS tab to my own library?
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Currently, products that are added in the Products tab within the Editor are not able to be saved to your account’s Product library for easy reference. This is a feature we will be adding in a bit down the line.

For now, if you want to add products from our Main Library to your Personal Library, use the Add to DesignFiles browser clipper. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. In the Editor, find and select the product that you want to add.

2. As you select the product, the product detail box will appear in the bottom left, click the View Details button.

3. A window will appear containing the selected product’s details, click the Shop It button.

4. You will be directed to the product vendor’s website. On your browser’s bookmarks bar, click the Add to DesignFiles option. This will expand the Browser Clipper panel on the right.

5. Continue adding the product using the Browser Clipper. For reference, click on the links below to know more about the DesignFiles Product Clipper:

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