Yes, you can upload designs that were rendered using different design software (i.e. Photoshop). The steps below allow you to do that and still showcase the full product list for your client to review.

Ensure that the room rendering is saved as either a jpg, png, or gif as these are the DesignFiles accepted formats.

Upload the room rendering as you would a regular product. See the Manually Upload Products to your Library article to know more.

In order to get the product list to display, you will still need to drag the product selections that were used in your rendering out onto the canvas. Don’t worry about the placements or layout of these products for now.

Once all of the products used in the rendering have been dragged out onto the canvas, drag your rendering image onto the canvas and ensure it is placed On-Top of all the products you previously dragged out. The purpose of this step is to cover the products that were placed before. To ensure that the rendering image is placed on top, check if the +1 Ahead icon on the Editing Toolbar under the LAYER options.

After uploading the design and updating the products, click Save.

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