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How do I add the items in my library to the 3D software?
How do I add the items in my library to the 3D software?
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Unfortunately, items in your Moodboard product library are flat (2 dimensional) jpg images and cannot be added to the 3D rendering software.

The 3D rendering software requires products that have been built into 3D models in order for them to be shown from all angles.

Currently, most vendors have not yet made 3D models of their full collections which makes it difficult for designers to show the actual items in their 3D designs.

The good news is that many vendors are now starting to get on board with building 3D models since it is the direction the industry is going in. Some are even going the extra mile to create models in every fabric/finish. We'll continue to work with these vendors to get their collections added to DesignFiles so you have loads of options to choose from. Currently, there are over 40K models available in the 3D floor planner.

In the meantime, if you are unable to find the exact item in our 3D model library, here is what I would recommend. Continue to use DesignFiles to create simple Moodboard designs (see samples below) that include images of the exact products you are recommending to your client.

Then use the 3D rendering software to create a to-scale rendering of your client's space and use similar-looking products from our 40K 3D model library to help your client understand the layout you are recommending. You can adjust the measurements of any of the 3D models to make sure they match the measurements of the actual products you are recommending on your Moodboard.

The two boards combined will help give your client a good idea of the end result.

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