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I just created my moodboard. How do I create a 3D rendering of it now?
I just created my moodboard. How do I create a 3D rendering of it now?

How do I use the products from my moodboard into a 3D floorplan?

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Currently, you cannot create a to-scale 3D rendering from your moodboard design.

The moodboard software in DesignFiles uses flat images of products (like a photograph). The 3D rendering software requires products that have been built into 3D models in order for them to be shown from all angles.

If you are unable to find the exact item in our 3D model library, here is what I would recommend.

Continue to create simple moodboard designs that include the exact products you are recommending to your client. Then use the 3D rendering software to create a to-scale rendering of your client's space and use similar looking products from our 3D model library to help your client understand the layout you are recommending.

The two boards combined will help give your client a good idea of the end result.

Alternatively, instead of creating a 3D rendering, you could choose to create a 3D-ish moodboard design using our moodboard software. That will allow you to use the exact product images and layer them one in front of the other to create the illusion of a 3D space.

In this case, you can upload an image of your client’s space and use it as the backdrop to your design.

Just keep in mind that these moodboard designs are not to scale. They are merely meant to give the client an idea of how the items will look within their space.

Watch this video to see how this works: - 3D Room Tutorial

TIP 1: If you create design boards like this I recommend starting your project by creating a to-scale floor plan. That will allow you to see what size furniture will fit within the space and then you can source items based on those measurements for your moodboard designs.

TIP 2: Check the vendor's website to see if they have the products you need shot from multiple angles and then use the browser clipper to grab the version of the product that will work best in your design.

TIP 3: Always try to grab images of products that are shot on a white background. Our system will automatically remove these white backgrounds which means you will not have to spend the time to trace around each item to do this yourself.

Watch this video to see how the browser clipper works: - New Browser Clipper

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