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What's the difference between the Pro & Team Plans?
What's the difference between the Pro & Team Plans?
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The Professional account is just for a single designer whereas the Team account allows you to add multiple members to one connected team account. The Team Plan will cost the same as the professional plan for the Admin and an additional $15/month for each additional member.

Both plans have access to all the features on DesignFiles but the team plan comes with additional features that make it easy to manage a full team.

For instance the team plan comes with three different roles.

  • The Administrator = The admin has full control over the team. They can add and remove members, delegate projects and oversee and access all projects

  • The Manager = This role is much like the Admin role. Anyone with the manager role can add and remove members (except the admin), delegate projects and oversee and access all projects

  • The Designer = This is more of a limited role. It is perfect for anyone who might be a junior designer on the team and you don't want them to have full access to everything. Anyone set to the designer role can only access and see the projects they are working on. They cannot add or remove members and they cannot delegate jobs

The Team plan also comes with a shared product library that everyone on the team can access and add to. This in itself is a huge time saver because it allows all members to quickly build up a library of products that everyone can use.

The Team plan also allows each team member to have their own separate login and most importantly any feedback that a client adds to a project will go directly to the designer working on that project. In addition, the Admin has the authority to decide what areas of the account the other members of the team have access to.

I hope this helps clear things up.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to help! 😊

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