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Sending Password Reset Links to Contacts
Sending Password Reset Links to Contacts
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In this article, you will learn how to send password reset emails to clients who forgot their account password or cannot access their DesignFiles accounts.

1. On the Menu, click Contacts to open the Clients page.

2. To quickly find a contact, you can use the Find a client… search bar. Simply enter a client keyword (i.e. First Name, Last Name, etc.) and press the Enter key on your Keyboard.

3. Find and click the More Options [...] button in line with the selected client.

4. A sub-menu will expand, select Send Password Reset to send a password reset email to the client.

  • Note: it is important to note that this option only appears if your clients completed the sign-up process and were able to successfully log in to DesignFiles.

5. Inform the client to check their email and click on the Change my password link. If they have not received the password reset email, ask the client to check their email’s Spam folder.

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