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Manipulating Product Placements in your 3D Design
Manipulating Product Placements in your 3D Design

Moving products and updating product dimensions

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The Floorplan / 3D Renderer lets you manipulate the product placements to maximize your designs. In this article, you will learn how to move the product upwards/downwards and/or to another area, rotate, and alter its dimension.

Moving Products

To move the product from one spot to another, select the product and drag it to your preferred spot.

Raising/Lowering Product Distance from Floor

To raise or lower the product, select it, then click and hold the Up and Down Arrow icon. Hold the icon while dragging the product up or down to raise or lower it. When you raise/lower the product from the floor, the Distance from Floor field will display the distance in inches. You can also enter the distance in this field.

Rotating Products

To rotate the product, select it, and click the Rotate icon. Hold the icon and rotate the product until you get the preferred placement.

Updating Product Dimensions

To alter the dimensions of the product, select it, and find the Dimensions section in the Products tab. You can edit the existing values of the width, depth, and height or revert to the original dimension by clicking the RESET button.

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