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Using the Text and Labels Option on your 3D Design
Using the Text and Labels Option on your 3D Design
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In this article, you will learn how to use the Text & Labels option. This feature enables you to add custom text and labels to your designs. It is important to note that this feature is only enabled when you are in the Floorplan view.

Adding Text and Labels to your Designs

1. Open the Floorplan / 3D Renderer.

2. In the Attributes panel, click the Text & Labels tab to enable more options.

3. Click the Add Text Label button.

4. Point your cursor in the Floorplanner Canvas and click on the area where you want to put the text/label.

5. A Start typing… field will appear in the canvas, start entering the text/label. After typing the text/label, you can click anywhere on the canvas to close the text field.

6. After adding the text/label, click the Save button to apply the changes.

Formatting the Text Labels

The Text & Labels tab allows you to format the text/labels using the Formatting Tools that can be found within the tab. The text/label should be selected first to enable these options. The formatting tools include the following:

  • Left Alignment

  • Center Alignment

  • Right Alignment

  • Bold Text

  • Italicize Text

  • Underline Text

  • Font Menu

  • Color Selection Box

  • Font Size Toggle Bar

  • Text Rotation Toggle Bar

Increasing/Decreasing the Text/Label Field

The Text & Labels field is resizeable making your text/labels formattable and more visible. To do this, select the text/label first. Then use the Left and/or Right margins and drag them sidewards.

Rotating the Text/Label Field

Rotating the text/label field allows you to maximize the canvas space and properly label items that you want to be emphasized. To do this, select the text/label first. Then click the Rotate icon and rotate the field until you achieve the preferred placement.

Duplicating the Text/Label Fields

The text/label Duplicate option allows you to duplicate the selected text/labels. To do this, select the text/label that you want to duplicate and click the Duplicate icon. After clicking the icon, a duplicated text/label field will appear.

Deleting the Text/Label Fields

To delete text/labels, simply select the text/labels and click its Delete icon. You can also select the field and hit the Delete key on your Keyboard.

It is important to note that deleting the selected text/label will not prompt a confirmation dialog box and will remove the text from the canvas as soon so you delete it.

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