Closed Room and Missing Walls error message
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If your design includes an opening in one of the walls, you may encounter issues or receive error messages requiring the room to be closed. If the room isn't closed, applying the flooring and paint may be difficult or completely unavailable. This is because the system requires rooms to be closed and doesn't have missing walls.

As an example, a missing wall in the image below triggers the system to remove the flooring and paint. This happens when one of the walls is taken down leaving one side of the room open or if you use the break wall option and the floor disappears.

If you would like to have an opening within any room, you can use the Open Entrance item within the Doors, Windows & Trim panel. Once the open entrance is added, you can adjust its width as needed. This will allow you to further customize the flooring, walls, etc and your client will be able to see the 3D preview without a hitch.

To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Floorplan / 3D Renderer and select the Room that you want to edit.

2. After selecting the room, click the Doors, Windows & Trim panel.

3. Click the entrance option and point the cursor to the wall where you want to add the opening.

4. After adding the entrance, you can adjust the width and other attributes (e.g. Height, Distance from Floor, etc.).

5. Click Save to update the design.

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