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How do I access the Moodboard / Roomboard?
How do I access the Moodboard / Roomboard?
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In this article, you will learn how to access the Moordboard / Roomboard editor. It is worth noting that the Moodboard / Roomboard editor is used to create 2D designs. This is the traditional design board we used before we rolled out the Floor Planner and 3D Renderer. For more information about the Moodboard /Roomboard Editor, see the Moodboard / Roomboard Interface article.

1. Go to a project’s DESIGN BOARDS tab and click the Add Design button.

2. A dialog box will appear, click the Moodboard / Roomboard option to select. This will direct you to a 2D Editor or what we call the Moodboard/Roomboard editor.

3. The Moodboard / Roomboard editor enables you to create 2D designs. Choose from our Empty Room Library or upload client spaces to begin. Then use our existing products or upload your preferred vendors’ products to create your library.

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