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Floor Planner / 3D Renderer Interface
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In this article, you will learn and understand the Floor Planner / 3D Renderer. This editor allows you to create a floor plan or realistic 3D designs. We marked each option and added a short function description so you will know where to find your desired option.

Access the Floorplanner / 3D Renderer within the DESIGN BOARDS’ tab by using the Add Design or Edit Design buttons.

1. Floor Planner / 3D Renderer Actions Menu

The Floor Planner / 3D Renderer Menu provides options for you to choose whether to save the current design, undo/redo an action, access help resources or go back to the DesignFiles application.

2. Floor Planner / 3D Renderer Editor View

The Floor Planner / 3D Renderer Editor View options lets you select your preferred display. There are three (3) types of editor view, each of which has a unique display and purpose:

  • Floorplan View: this view displays the plan to scale and shows structures and features (e.g. walls, rooms, products, etc.) from above. It displays the general layout and placements of the design attributes.

  • 3D Top-Down View: this view displays the design in a top-down view showing the attributes in a 3D layout.

  • 3D Perspective: this view displays the design in a full 3D layout. You can zoom in/out or rotate the design using your mouse pointer.

3. Attributes Panel

The Attributes Panel houses all the design elements that you can use and its configuration. This panel includes the following design attributes:

  • Walls & Rooms

  • Doors, Windows, & Trims

  • Products

  • Paint

  • Flooring

  • Text & Labels

4. 3D Design Canvas

The 3D Design Canvas is where you create the design. It displays the selected items/products and other attributes that came from the Attributes panel.

5. Zoom, Snap to Center, Measurement Tool

This menu displays three (3) helpful tools that include:

  • Zoom in/out: these icons allow you to zoom in or zoom out from your design.

  • Snap to Center: this icon allows you to automatically snap your canvas to the center without having to manually adjust the view.

  • Measurement Tool: this icon lets you use a measuring tool that you can use to get an item’s measurement.

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