Considering that every computer screen is configured differently, it is possible that an item that looks blue-green on your screen can appear more of a blue-grey in real life. This instance can also happen in fabrics and other products’ colors, textures, and finish.

To avoid making costly mistakes, you may want to spend some time doing research on these products’ specifications. We also recommend putting a list of brands you know and trust to source your products from. Going to these stores where you can actually see the colors, touch the texture of fabrics and other products might be a good idea as well.

When sourcing products from online stores, check if they have fabric samples they can send to you. More importantly, make it a habit to check the reviews from people who already purchased their products. By reviewing the feedback, you can easily see if the color of the item is not being represented correctly online. This method also applies to paints, we highly suggest getting paint samples from your preferred brands.

Building up your go-to library of brands and paint colors, will surely make it a lot easier for you to confidently create a space and know that everything is going to work beautifully together.

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