Creating Product Tags
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In this article, you will learn how to add product tags. This option enables you to create tags and add them to products to easily retrieve the product when designing. It also expedites your product search using the By Tag filter in the Products library.

There are two (2) ways of creating product tags; (a) Using the Manage Tags option and (b) In the Product Details Window.

Creating Tags Using the Manage Tags Options

1. On the Menu, click Products to open the products library.

2. Find the By Tag filter and click its drop-down arrow to view more options.

3. Click the Manage Tags option to select.

4. You will be directed to the Manage Tags page. Click the + Add New Tag button to create a new tag.

5. The Add Tag dialog box will appear. Enter the tag name and click the Save Changes button to add the tag.

Creating Tags in the Product Details Window

This method is quite easier and on the spot when creating or editing products.

1. On the Menu, click Products to open the products library.

2. Find the product that you want to update and click its More Options [...] icon to access more options.

Note: you can use the Search field to filter by name, tag, or product description. In addition, you can use the Product Filters to narrow your search. You can filter all products by project, vendor, or price.

3. Click Edit Product Details to update the selected product’s information.

4. The Edit Product Details window will appear. Find the Tags field and enter the new product tag.

5. Press the Enter key on your Keyboard or click the Add [name of tag] suggestion to add the product tag.

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