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How do I know if the products in my moodboard design are to scale?
How do I know if the products in my moodboard design are to scale?
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If you are creating a design using our moodboard software, please keep in mind that these moodboard designs are made using flat jpg images of products and are not to scale.

When creating these boards, we recommend starting your project by first creating a "to scale" floor plan. That will allow you to see what size furniture will fit within the space and then you can source items based on those measurements for your moodboard designs.

This will help ensure that the items you select are the right fit for the space.

Using the floor plan as your guide, you can start placing the items within your moodboard design and use your eye to determine the approximate scale of each piece. This will not be 100% accurate but it will give your client an idea of how these items will look within their space.

If you want to ensure everything is 100% to-scale, I recommend using our 3D rendering software for your 3D designs. Watch the DesignFiles Floor Planner + 3D Editor video tutorial for more information on the floor planner and 3D editor.

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