In this article, you will learn how to save contracts as presets/templates that you can use in the future. This option enables you to keep the contracts’ terms and clauses saved to your DesignFiles’ account so you can use them again and eliminates the process of creating/making the same contract for other projects.

1. On the Menu, click Projects and select the project where the contract was created.

2. Click the MORE... tab to display more options and select CONTRACTS.

3. You will be directed to the Contracts - <Name of Project> page.

4. In the Contracts list, find the contract that you want to update and click its More Options icon to enable more options.

5. Click Edit Contract to update/edit the selected contract.

Note: you can also add contract presets when creating a new contract. In this example, we added the preset contract to an existing contract.

6. In the Contract Details: field, enter the contract body. If you have a contract template, you can copy and paste it here or create an entirely new contract.

7. Click the Save as Preset to save the contract body as a preset/template.

8. Review the contract details and click your preferred action:

  • Send Contract: clicking this button will open the Send Contract window where you can review the Client, Message Subject, and the Message body. You have to click the Send Contract button in this window to send the contract to your client.

  • Save Draft: clicking this button will save the contract as a draft and will not be sent to your client.

  • Save Draft & Preview: clicking this button will save the contract as a draft and you will be directed to a preview page. The contract will not be sent to your client.

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