In this article, you will learn how to use the 3 different Floor Planner / 3D Renderer editor modes. Each mode enables you to maximize its functionality based on your need whether to create a simple floor plan or create a stunning 3D render of your designs.


The Floorplan mode displays the plan to scale and shows structures and features (e.g. walls, rooms, products, etc.) from above. It displays the general layout and placements of the design attributes. This is best used when creating floorplans for your designs.

To change the editor view to Floorplan, find and click the Floorplan icon.

3D Top-down

The 3D Top-Down mode displays the design in a top-down view showing the design in a 3D layout. This view is the best to use when/if you want an overview of the product placements as it lets you move products with ease.

To change the editor view to 3D top-down, click the 3D Top-down icon.

3D Perspective

The 3D Perspective mode displays the design in full 3D mode. You can rotate, zoom in/out, or see the design from different angles giving you the whole 3D experience of your design.

To change the editor view to a 3D perspective, click the 3D Perspective icon.

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