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I just want a moodboard and floor plan
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The combination of a mood board and floor plan is possible using the Moodboard / Roomboard Editor and the Floor Plan / 3D Renderer.

Start creating your moodboard using the traditional DesignFiles editor, watch this video to know more about how to create a Professional 2D Design Boards.

For the floor plan part, you can use the Floor Plan / 3D Renderer. It is important to note that when using the renderer, it will add 3 design boards with the Floor Plan, a 3D Top-down floor plan, and an angled shot of the 3D space.

To create a floor plan, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the project’s DESIGN BOARDS tab and click the Add Design button.

2. A dialog box will appear, click the Floor Plan / 3D Renderer. You will be directed to the 3D renderer screen.

3. By default, the Floorplan View is active when accessing the renderer. Use this tool to create your basic top-down floor plan. There are over 40,000 models in our Products library to populate the floorplan and you can adjust the measurements on any of these items to match the measurements of the items you have included in your moodboard design.

4. After creating the floorplan, click the Save button. This will enable more options that will let you choose which views will be shown in the project. When selecting one of the views, a design board with the selected view will be created. If you want to generate all the views, you can select the Floor Plan, 3D Top Down, and 3D Perspective checkboxes.

5. Since we only want to create a floor plan, select the Floor Plan checkbox. If you want to display the measurements, click the Show measurements toggle to turn on (the toggle color should turn green).

6. Click Save to continue creating a floor plan.

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