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Using affiliate links within the embeddable design board + product lists
Using affiliate links within the embeddable design board + product lists
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The easiest and most efficient way to use affiliate links is to join affiliate networks. Some affiliate networks include:,,,,

Some of these networks also cover multiple countries but if you live outside of the US you can also choose to do a search for ‘furniture affiliate programs’ in your country to see which of your local vendors have programs available.

When you join an affiliate network like the ones above you will gain access to the list of vendors that are part of that network.

Most of the big name retailers have already joined these networks to simplify setting up their affiliate programs.

Each vendor will have their own program, terms and conditions and their own commission rate. It can range from 2% to 12% but most hover around 7% commission.

You can pick the vendors you are interested in and apply to their individual programs. If they accept you, you will gain access to trackable affiliate links for each of their products which you can use to earn commissions on any sales that happen through your designs.

Jump ahead to page 43 in this book to see which networks some of the most popular brands are a part of.

Here's how it works:

Let's say you join the Crate & Barrel program that is available in

Then you create a design board that includes a specific chair from Crate & Barrel.

Before you embed that design board and product list into your blog, you will want to make sure you add your trackable affiliate link to earn commissions on the sale.

  • To do this you'll need to pop over to and sign into your account

  • Go into your vendor programs and select Crate & Barrel

  • Do a search for the specific name of the chair and then copy your trackable affiliate link and paste it into the product details for that item in your product library (see the image below)

Be sure to hit the save button to save the changes you made to the product details.

Once that link has been added, you can then embed that design board and product list into your blog and if anyone shops that item, you earn a commission and the CJ network will send you a monthly payment for all the commissions you earned across all the retail programs you joined within that network.


Note: You can join as many networks as you like to access the brands you want to work with.

Most of these networks will require that you have a website or a blog to prove you are a legitimate business. If you don’t have this in place you won’t typically get accepted into the network.

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