The Time Tracker feature allows you to track and bill for time spent on specific tasks and/or the overall process of completing a design for a client.

You can find the DesignFiles Time Tracker within your account in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard. It's located beside the notification bell.

When you are ready to start working on a project, click on the tracker icon. You can then select the project that you will be working on and have the option to input a note. Then start the Timer.

How Do I Pause or Stop a Session?

When the timer is running, you will note the "Stop" button active. You can select this button when you are finished with that particular task, or if you need to take a break.

If you took a break and would like to continue tracking time for that same project, you can locate the tracker within the project's menu to resume.

1. Go to the project that you were tracking time for (Project Test 5 in this scenario).

2. Select "More" and then "Time Tracker" from the dropdown menu.

Within this menu, you will see all the tracked sessions that you have started for this project.

To resume, select "Start" beside the session that you wish to continue working on. (Note: Timer is tracked in minutes and hours, where 0.20 refers to 12 minutes *0.20 x 60 = 12*)

What if I started working on a project and forgot to track the time for it?

If you started working on a project and forgot to track the session, no worries... You can add an entry to enter a session for the time you missed.

1. Select "Add Entry" from within the project’s Time Tracker page.

2. The project field would have already been populated. Go ahead and input the time (e.g 1.20).

3. Input the date. Today's date would be auto populated, but the field can be back-dated from the date picker.

4. You can also add a note (optional).

5. Select "Add Entry" at the bottom.

Additionally, if you initially tracked time for a particular task, but forgot or didn't get a chance to track the additional time spent on that same task, you have the option to update and adjust the time tracked for that task.

1. From the Time Tracker page within the project, select the edit icon beside the session you would like to adjust.

2. Adjust the time (add notes if necessary) and then "Update entry".

How do I Delete an Entry?

If you would like to delete an entry that was tracked or manually added, you can do so from within the time tracker page for the project.

1. From the time tracker page within the project, select the edit icon beside the session you would like to delete.

2. Look for the trashcan icon in the lower right and select it.

3. You will be asked to confirm that you would like to delete the entry to avoid doing it in error.

Once you confirm, you will be reverted to the main time tracker page with a confirmation banner at the top.

To learn how to add this to your invoice, click on the link below to check out the following article:

DesignFiles Time Tracking Feature - Adding Tracked Time to an Invoice

Here is a detailed video that walks you through using the Time Tracker feature as well.

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