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Time Tracking Feature - Adding Tracked Time to an Invoice
Time Tracking Feature - Adding Tracked Time to an Invoice

This article provides a walkthrough on how to add the time tracked within the DesignFiles Time Tracker to an invoice.

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Adding Tracked Time to an Invoice

Once you are ready to bill your client for the time tracked, go ahead and create an invoice. This can be done from the Invoices tab within the project.

At the bottom of your invoice, you will see three options including "Add Tracked Hours". Select it.

A window will pop up displaying two sets of options:

The first set confirms which hours to add.

1. All un-invoiced hours from the project.

2. All un-invoiced hours from a specific date that you can choose.

The second set confirms how to add and display the selected hours.
1. Individual line items (with notes)
2. A single line item

Once you made your choice, the hours will automatically calculate and display. You can then input your desired rate and select "Add to Invoice".

The information will then populate as a single line item or as separate line items per task (based on your selection) on your invoice.

At this point, you can add in other items directly from the project or add in manual line items. Otherwise, you can Send Invoice, Save Draft, or Save Draft and Preview.

To learn how to use the DesignFiles Time Tracker feature, click on the link below to check out the following article:

Here is a video that walks you through using the Time Tracker feature as well.

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