This error occurs when an invoice in DesignFiles is attempting to sync to QuickBooks Online, but one or more of the item names on the invoice is a "Category" type in QuickBooks Online.

In other words, an item name on the invoice is being used as a Product or Service Category item in QBO.

For instance, if you have a category in QBO as "Delivery", you cannot put "Delivery" as a line item on a DF invoice.


Double-check your Product and Service categories in QBO as well as the item names on your invoice to see if any of them are the same.

To check your QBO category names, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Sales menu on the left panel, then select Products and Services.

  2. Select the dropdown More ▼, then select Manage categories.

If you find a category that matches the name of an item on your invoice, leave QBO and change the name of the item on your DesignFiles invoice. You can add an additional word or number to make it different.

The invoice should then sync once the adjustments have been made.

If you have followed all the steps and you are still experiencing the same sync error, please contact us via the Chat Bubble in the bottom right for further assistance.

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