How to create a custom Financial Report
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This article provides a walkthrough on how to create detailed custom financial reports.

You can create a Financial report for personal use or share it with your Accountant.

First head over to the Financials page in your DesignFiles account.

Once you are here, click on "Create Report"

In this section, you will select the attributes you would like to include in your report.

First, select your "Report Type", (generate by Invoices or Package Sale Report), your "Time Frame" (All time, month, quarterly, year, or a custom period), "Status" (All, draft, submitted, paid, past due, partial, pending, failed, part refund, refund)

After selecting your report attributes, click on "Generate Report.

Once your report has been generated, click on "Export Report (CSV)", this will have the report automatically saved to your computer.

Once the report is saved to your computer, you can then customize it to your preference by hiding certain columns and/or tallying up your columns.

Here is a detailed video that walks you through creating a custom financial report.

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