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How to Import your client contact details to your DesignFiles account

Instead of having to import your client details one at a time to your Design Files account, this article will show you to import all your clients at once.

Head on over to the Contacts page in your DesignFiles account and click on Import; be sure to have this list saved as a CSV file on your computer.

The system will automatically pull up all the titles for each column that is in your client list (CSV). (Ensure the row of your document holds the titles such as Name, Email, Phone, Etc)
Here you will click on each field and pick the version that maps best to your column titles in your Client CSV file.

When the mapping is completed, click on Save

You will now notice all of your client contact details have been added to your DesignFiles Contacts.

How to Export your DesignFiles Contacts

To export your contact list from DesignFiles, go to the Contact Page in your DesignFiles account and click on Export.

This will automatically download a CSV file to your computer with all of your Client contact details.

Here is a detailed video on how to Import/Export your Clients in DesignFiles as well

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