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How to screenshot items that can't be clipped
How to screenshot items that can't be clipped

Screenshot items that aren't able to clip (for both Mac and Windows)

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In the is tutorial, we’ll be using the app [LightShot] to help us take screenshots of images we aren’t able to clip using our [Clipper Tool]

Visit [] to download a free copy for Windows or Mac

Once downloaded and installed, the icon should appear on your taskbar


Hotkeys to take a screenshot based on your OS

For Windows: use the [prt scr] or [Print Screen] key on your keyboard


For Mac computers: [command, Shift, 9] altogether


Here’s a product that we’ll take a screenshot of


You want to ensure you're getting the largest version of the product before screenshotting the product

Go ahead and click on the image to see if it zooms


Now hit the short cut key/s for your computer

The screen should tint a bit – you can now use your mouse to select the exact area on your screen which you wish to save as a picture.

Once you’ve selected the area to take the screenshot – go ahead and hit the save icon


You can now select where you wish to save your new screenshot

You can also use this option to screenshot errors or issues with your account to share with DesignFiles when you make a report.


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