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Creating and Customizing Multiple Questionnaires
Creating and Customizing Multiple Questionnaires
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You can set up multiple questionnaires inside your DesignFiles Account.
Create and customize different questionnaires based on the types of projects you will be working on.

Step 1. Go to your Account Settings and select the "Project Questionnaire" option.

Step 2. In this view, you will see a list of the Questionnaires that are already on your account and also an option to create new questionnaires. Your primary (default) questionnaire will also be highlighted.

You can edit an existing questionnaire or start a new one. Then go ahead and customize the questionnaire to suit your needs.

Customizing the Questionnaire

You can edit the existing questions on the questionnaire, add new questions, delete or hide existing questions, and/or make them required.

You can also move the questions up and down the page to determine which order they appear in.

To do this, click and hold down the grid box to the left of the question you would like to move, then drag it up or down the page to the desired position.

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