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How to Enable and Accept Bank Transfer ACH Payments
How to Enable and Accept Bank Transfer ACH Payments

You are now able to accept ACH Bank Transfer payments from your clients. (Only available for US Designers at this time)

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The first thing you will need to do is set up your account to accept payments via DesignFiles. Stripe is our payment processor and as such you will be required to have a Stripe account.

You will have the option to connect an existing Stripe account or set up a new one on the next page.

Once connected, you will see enabled showing at the top of the panel.

Head over to the Settings Panel and select Payment Options from the submenu

Toggle on the "Enable ACH" button. (Grey = Disabled / Green = Enabled)

Side note: Newer stripe accounts typically have a limit of about $2000 USD per transaction. If you believe you will be needing a higher limit, go ahead and contact Stripe directly to request a limit increase to minimize any delays with receiving client payments.

Once this is all set up, you can now offer your clients the option to pay you via Credit Card or ACH Bank Transfer. At the bottom of your client invoices, you will see various toggles allowing you to decide which options you want to make available for your client.

These toggles will include: Allow payment via Credit Card, Allow Payment via Bank Transfer, Push Stripe Fee to Client, and Request Deposit.

You can give the client both payment options if necessary.
If the client uses ACH, after they provide their details, the Invoice will show as "Pending" for approx. 4-7 days (while waiting for verification) and then the Invoice will change to "Paid" and the funds will land in your Stripe account.

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