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What happens when I Accept/Decline a Project Request?
What happens when I Accept/Decline a Project Request?

When a client submits a project request, you have the option of accepting or declining that request.

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A project request comes in directly when a client fills out your questionnaire or if they make a second request from an existing project you have with them.

The request will show on your dashboard as New Requests with a digit indicating the number of requests awaiting review.

Depending on your dashboard layout, it may show in one of the following layout formats.

Format 1

Format 2

When you select the project request, you will get a chance to scroll through the questionnaire details that were filled out by the client before making a decision.

Accepting/Declining a Project Request

If you accept the request, it automatically creates a project in the client's name that you can begin to add designs to, communicate with the client, send quotes, invoices, etc.

If you decline the request, you get the option of sending the client a message about why you declined and there would be nothing further to do on your end.

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