Install Browser Clipper on iPad (Chrome Browser)

Before installing the clipper, ensure your OS is up-to-date.

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Here are the steps for installing the browser clipper on your iPad with a Chrome browser...

The method for installing it on your chrome browser will be the same as on a PC if your bookmarks bar is still at the top.

If it's not, you may have to install it and use it via a split-screen. Here are the steps below:

1. Open the Chrome browser.

2. Click the three dots at the top for view options, then select the split-screen view (or the plus window icon).

You will now have two screens.

3. In one screen, open your DesignFiles account and go to the clipper installation page:

4. In the second screen, Open Chrome (click on the Chrome menu and select Bookmarks), and then select Bookmarks Bar

5. Pressdown and drag the Design Files button from the first window to the bookmarks bar list in the second window

Your browser clipper is now installed!
You will however have to navigate back to the bookmarks list to enable the clipper when you are on a product page that you wish to clip from.

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