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Categorize Your Product Library

If you have curated a lot of products in your DesignFiles Library, you may find it easier to group or categorize them.

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You will now notice a new Category filter in your Products tab. (Available in the eDesign and Full-Service Plans).

Adding Categories

To add in your own categories, select the Category filter tab, then click the link that says "Manage Categories".

Once you have your categories updated, you can select the appropriate category when you clip or upload new products. You will see the category option on the clipper menu just below the vendor and link fields.

You can also edit already saved products from your library and add them to specific categories that are already created.

Subcategorize with Tags

You can use tags along with your Categories for even more concise filtration and categorization.

For instance, instead of having separate categories for Kind Beds, Twin Beds, Poster Beds, etc. You could have one category called "Beds" and then tag them with the aforementioned sizes/types.

This way, when you are building out a board and you select the Bed category to filter down your library, you can then select the Poster Bed tag to filter it even further.
Feel free to utilize your tags in any way that best suits your process; this could be based on colors, sizes, styles, etc.

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