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Trace Floor Plan Images to Create a 3D Space
Trace Floor Plan Images to Create a 3D Space
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If you have a floorplan image that you have collected from your builder or your client, you can upload that floorplan image into the 3D floorplan software and then trace around it to quickly draw out the floorplan without starting over from scratch. (Available in the eDesign and Full-Service Plans)

Uploading the FloorPlan Image

When you log into your 3D Floorplan editor, you will see an option at the top of the tools panel: "Import and Trace Floor Plan Image". Select the "Upload" button.

Choose the source to upload the image from and select it.

The selected floor plan will populate on the screen in a pop-out window once the upload is complete.

You will notice the instructions indicating that you should draw a line along the largest wall, then enter the intended measurement. This will help the system determine what the scale should be.

You can do this by clicking one corner of the largest/longest wall and holding it down while dragging your mouse to the other corner, then release. You can then add in the associated measurement and "Save the floorplan image".

The floorplan image will now populate onto the canvas:

Tracing the Floorplan.

Now you are able to grab the wall tool and start tracing around the floorplan image.

Once you have traced all the walls from your floorplan image, you can hide the image so that you have a clean new floorplan to work with. Then you can start adding in your doors, windows, products, etc.

That will save you a lot of time instead of trying to freehand from scratch when presented with an already created floorplan image from an outside source.

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