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Create Detailed Spec Sheets
Create Detailed Spec Sheets
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On your project page, you will notice an additional tab called Spec Sheets (Available in our new Full-Service Plan)

Select the tab to be taken to your Spec Sheet overview page where you can create new spec sheets or view already created ones for this project.

You can also edit existing spec sheets as well as view, print, duplicate, share, delete and change their statuses.

When a new spec sheet is created, it will automatically pull the client's details that are already associated with the project.
As with the other documents, it will need an ID to differentiate it from other spec sheets.

You will also notice a field labeled "Prepared for"... This could be the contractor or anyone else aside from the client that you would like to share the spec sheet with.

You will also note a configuration button in the upper right that you can use to toggle the various columns that you would like to be included in the spec sheet.

Similar to Quotes and Invoices, you can pull-in items directly from the project or library or you can add the line items manually.

A really cool feature that is also included is the ability to add active links to your descriptions. For instance, if you have a link to the installation guide for a product, you can use the link option to add the guide document link within your product description.

Once you have finished populating your spec sheet, you can send it directly to the intended recipient, save a draft to revisit later, or save and preview it to see what it will look like to the recipient.

When the recipient receives the spec sheet, they will see an option to download the spec sheet at the top right. You will also see this in the preview.

They will also have a full uniformed layout of each product.

If you choose to download the spec sheet yourself, you will have the option of

showing a single product per page. This way it will display larger images for each item.

You can then save this PDF and share it with your contractor.

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