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Adding Custom Products and All Product Components to a Quote or Invoice
Adding Custom Products and All Product Components to a Quote or Invoice
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Quoting or invoicing for custom items with multiple components is quick and easy with our item grouping feature. (Available in the Full Service Plan)

For instance, let's say you would like to invoice a client for an armchair with two custom fabrics like this:

However, you would also prefer your client to see one cost instead of a complete breakdown.

In this case, you would go ahead and select all three items on the Quote or Invoice beneath the Group column, then select the Group Selected Items option at the bottom. Please note that the "group selected items" option will only be visible if you have checked the boxes to group items.

After selecting the group option, you can now determine which item will be the primary item and if you want to show just the primary item on the invoice with one total cost or show all items and the cost of each.

If you select Display Primary Item Only, the Invoice would look like this to the client... One clean line item and one total that includes the cost of all the product components.

However, if you chose to display all the products, the following would be the outcome where each individual price and then the total will be shown.

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