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Disable Questionnaire for Packages
Disable Questionnaire for Packages

You can disable the question and room selection option for packages.

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Normally when a client purchased one of your design packages they are jumped right into your design questionnaire where they can provide all the project details you need to move forward with the project. However, if you prefer to not have the client jump directly into a questionnaire, you now have the option to disable that feature. (This update is available in our eDesign and Full Service plans)

When creating or editing your packages, you will note a toggle at the bottom of each package that allows you to enable or disable the questionnaire. This can also be done for room selection, tax, and discounts.

If the Enable Questionnaire option is disabled, your client will not be jumped to your design questionnaire directly after paying for the package. Instead they will simply complete the steps to set up their account and they will see a message that says you have received their payment and will follow up with them shortly.

Once the order is complete, you will receive a notification email of the order so that you can reach back out to your client and continue your workflow.

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