How to Clip products from SideDoor

Steps to clip products from onsidedoor (Side door)

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Technically, you can clip items from SideDoor in a similar fashion to how you would other vendors. However, the products have to be listed in a public collection for the clipper to access them successfully. We also recommend logging out of your SideDoor account when clipping.

To create a public-facing collection, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your SideDoor account.

2. Go to collections.

3. Then select an existing collection or "create a new collection".

4. With the collection open, click on Share in the upper right.

5. Toggle the switch to Public.

6. Now, copy the collections link and log out of your DesignFiles account.

7. Paste that link into your browser to show your products.

8. Select the product you would like to clip to bring up the product detail page, then select the "Add to DesignFiles" clipper button in your bookmarks bar to load the clipper.

If you are still unable to clip from your public collection after signing out of your account, please reach out to us via chat by selecting the chat account to your lower right.

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