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Floorplan Camera Adjustment Mini Map
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The Floor Plan Mini-Map feature will not only make it quicker and easier for you to navigate the individual rooms within your floor plan, but also make it easier to save and render a room from the best angles.

When you jump into your floor plan editor, you will notice the Camera Adjustment Mini Map to the lower left-hand corner of your screen. It will show a segmented version of all your rooms on the current floor plan.

You are able to select each room and give it a label in the panel on the right for easy reference.

Where you will really begin to appreciate this too, is within the Perspective View.

Instead of using your mouse to click and drag around the room, or using your scroll wheel to attempt to zoom through walls to get the perfect field of view, you can now use the mini camera inside your mini-map to navigate. You will be able to move the camera around in each room to view it from the best angle.

To move the camera in your mini map just click and drag the camera icon to the location you like. You can then click on the camera rotation arrow (the curved arrows in front of the camera) to rotate the camera around and view the room from all angles.

For instance, you will note that the following screenshot is still the living room, but now we are focusing down the hall instead of across the room.

If you would like to jump to another room, you can simply drag the camera to the room you would like to view and rotate the camera in any direction you choose.

It's often best to move the camera to the far end/corner of the room and then rotate it to view inwards towards the other end/corner of the room. This often provides the best angle to see the entire space.

You can then use the Field of View slider to determine how wide or narrow the focus should be. And you can use the Height slider to change the height placement of the camera to test different angles.

The really great thing about this feature is that it's also available during the rendering process when saving your designs.

Once in rendering mode, you are able to grab the camera and drag it to whichever room you would like to render and adjust the angle to select the best view. Take note that the "Field of View" editor will no longer be below the mini-map; it will instead be in its usual place in the render controls in the right side panel.

Select "Start Rendering" to save the view.

You can then choose to modify the render and select a different angle or save it to the project so that you can share it with your client.

This feature is available in our Full Service and e-Design Plans.

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