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Your Design Board Template Library is a location where you can choose to save all your favorite design boards to be re-purposed and re-used for future projects. You can organize your design board library by room, style, color or any keywords you like. This will make it easy to quickly locate a specific design and copy that design into a new client project to use as a base or starting point.

If you are on a Team account, the templates can be shared with the entire team as well making it easy to onboard new team members and ensure all team members are using the same layouts and overall design style for every board they create.

Add a Design to the Template Library

To add a design to the template library, go to your projects page (, click on the project that contains the design board you would like to save, then click on the board to preview it. Now, select the 3 dot menu to the upper right of the board preview, and then select the "Add to Design Template Library" option.

The design will now be available inside your Templates Library for future use.

Renaming your Templates

It's a good idea to have a naming convention for your template boards. This could be based on its style, color scheme, room type, or any combination. The below example is a combination of style and room type.

To rename the template, click on the board to bring it up, then simply click into the name field and start typing.

Renaming your templates makes them easy to locate based on specific keywords. For instance, with the naming convention used above, the search for "living room" would quickly filter down to only show living room templates in the search results. You can then easily select the most appropriate one for your project. You would simply need to input the keyword and press enter on your keyboard.

Renaming also makes it easier to organize and use templates among team members.

Use a Design From the Templates Library

When you enter the Templates Library, you can easily start a new project from one of your templates or add a template to an existing project. This will prevent you from having to start from scratch with styles and/or products that you use often.

Select the 3-dot menu below the template to showcase the aforementioned options along with the choice to remove the template if it's no longer needed.

This feature makes it easy to reuse your design boards, quickly substitute out items based on your client's preference, and complete and submit designs in half the time. It's available in our eDesign and Full-Service Plans.

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