If you want to be able to add private notes to a project/item and have private discussions with your team members that are hidden from your client, you can use the internal team communication tools that are available in our eDesign and Full Service plans.

Internal Notes Regarding Specific Products

Step 1. Navigate to the project, board, and specific product that you would like to leave an internal comment on.

Step 2. Select the comment icon below the product and click in the comment box.

Step 3. You will now see two tabs, one to reply and the other to leave a note. Click on the Note tab.

The Reply tab allows you to leave a comment for the client and the Note tab allows you to leave an internal comment for teammates. You can often immediately tell which tab you have selected as the Note tab will have a yellow hue and the reply tab will be white.

Step 4. Tag the team member that you are leaving the note for.
To do this, simply type the "@" sign and all your teammates' names will popup, you can then select the team member that you will be leaving the note for and then continue with your note.

Step 5. Once finished, select "Post".

You will now see your post as well as the opportunity to edit it, delete it, or leave another

Once posted, the tagged team member will receive an email notification regarding the note and they will also receive an update within their DesignFiles notification panel in the upper right. (Shown by the bell)

Team Member Perspective

When the tagged team member selects the notification from their email or notification bell, they''ll be popped into the project and board where the comment was left.

At this point, the tagged team member also has the option to respond with a Note and can tag the initial designer so that they also get a notification.

Internal Notes on the Entire Design

In the same way that you can leave notes for your teammates regarding individual products, you can also leave notes regarding the entire design on a whole.

Step 1. Scroll to the bottom of the project and use the "Discuss The project with Your Client message board.

Step 2. Remember to switch to Note to ensure that the messages are used internally and not sent to your client. Reply goes to the client and Note stays internal.

This feature is available within our eDesign and Full-Service Plans

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