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Project Calendar Feature

Understanding and Using the New Calendar Feature

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The project Calendar is now available to all designers currently on our Full-Service Plan. You will note a new tab within your projects marked CALENDAR.

The Calendar serves as an easier and more convenient way to keep track of your product orders and their status. It also allows you to create and keep track of various project tasks and due dates with a holistic approach.

Viewing the Calendar
When you enter the calendar, it will be laid out in a monthly view. Daily and Weekly views will be available soon.

You will be able to skip through the months at the top to view and add events.

All entries from your Purchase Order Tracker will be automatically pulled into your calendar along with their current status.

The statuses have also been color-coordinated which makes it easy to see which orders have been shipped, delivered, installed, etc.

You can quickly get a detailed breakdown of the items included in any order on the calendar. Simply click on the calendar event to initiate a pop-up view with an itemized list. The pop-up will also include a link directly back to the order on the Purchase Order Tracker for quick reference.


Add in Your Own Events
Aside from the auto-populated events, you have the ability to add-in your own tasks to track on the calendar. This can be done in one of two ways.

  1. Select the Add Event button in the upper right of the calendar.

  2. Hover over any cell (day), then select the "add event" button.

    Enter your task/event details

    Title - Name the event

    Start and End date - If it's not an all-day event, turn the toggle off and you will have the option to enter start and end times as well.

    Description - Describe the task or just leave a note.

    Reminder - Set a reminder to prompt you to attend the event or get the task done.

    Note: If you are on a team account and you create an event as the admin, any designer who is assigned to the project will also get the reminder notification.

    Save - save the event.


    Deleting an Event

    To delete an event, click on the vent on the calendar to open it, then select the small trash can to the lower right of the event page.

    This option will ask for confirmation to prevent you from deleting an event unintentionally.


    Add Due Dates for your Projects

    On your Projects overview page, ensure you are in the WorkFlow Mode.

    Hover over a project to see the "Add Due Date" option. Click it and then select a due date from the calendar pop-up.

    Once added, you can go back into the project and jump to the calendar tab to see the due date shown on the calendar.

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