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SideDoor Integration with DesignFiles
SideDoor Integration with DesignFiles

The SideDoor Integration allows you to unlock the entire SideDoor product library inside DesignFiles.

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This article covers the SideDoor integration with your DesignFiles account. It will make it easy for you to create designs using hundreds of thousands of products from top trade brands. You can also generate shoppable collections from these boards and earn high commissions. Please note, this feature is currently only available within the United States.

How to Sync your DesignFiles Account with your SideDoor Account

There are two ways to easily sync your DF account with Sidedoor:

Option 1. Locate the SideDoor Sync tab in your settings menu here:

Option 2. Connect directly from within the Moodboard Software.

When you are in the moodboard editor, select the Vendor tab in the right side panel. Scroll down and locate SideDoor within the vendors' list. (The list is in alphabetical order). Click on it.

You will then see the following panel pop- up on your screen.

The panel will provide an overview of what's included with the integration as well as the "connect" link at the bottom.
Go ahead and click the "Connect to SideDoor" link. Don't worry if you do not already have a SideDoor account, you will get the chance to create one if needed.

The link will bring you to the SideDoor Sync Setting in your DF account as seen in Option 1.

Click on the Connect Your SideDoor Account button. This will pop you over to SideDoor's login page where you can log in if you already have an account or create a new account to get started.

Once you are in, you will automatically be presented with an option to Authorize the connection with DesignFiles. Select the "Authorize" button.

You will then be redirected back to DF where you will see a green notification banner at the top of your settings menu confirming that you are now connected to SideDoor. You will also be able to disconnect from SideDoor within this tab.

Building Design Boards Using the SideDoor Library

Once you are connected to SideDoor, you now have access to the entire SideDoor product library from within the DesignFiles moodboard editor.

When you locate SideDoor within the vendors list from the right side panel, you will notice that the SideDoor library is now loaded and you can choose to scroll, search by keyword, and/or filter by price or brand.

You can then go ahead and drag those products out onto your board to complete your design.

Creating and Sharing Shoppable Collections

Once you have completed your design and saved it, click the [ Back to App ] button to exit the editor.

You will now notice a new banner below the Design Rationale field and just above the Product List.

The banner will show you the number of SideDoor products within the design as well as a Create Collection button.

Select the Create Collection button, then give your collection a name.

Keep the collection public if you would like your clients to have the option to shop these products on their own. If you would prefer to purchase the products on behalf of your clients, you can make the collection private.

The next step would be to submit the design to the client. If it's a public collection, they will be able to come in and approve items, leave comments, and click on the shop-it buttons to purchase the products directly from your SideDoor collection.

The best part is, your client won't need to jump back and forth from DF to SideDoor to make purchases. Once they click the Shop-it button on one item within the collection, they will see a link on SideDoor that offers them the option to view and shop all items within the collection and add them all to cart.

They will also be able to view all items at once and add them to their cart. They can then do one seamless checkout from within SideDoor.

Private Collections and Checkout As Designer

After a collection is created, you will notice an additional menu button above your Product List called SideDoor Settings.

If you chose to make the collection private so that you can shop on behalf of the client, you can use the "Checkout As Designer" option. This link will bring you straight to the cart view on SideDoor with all items already added to the cart so you can quickly place the order.

View and Edit Collections

If you are not ready to checkout but want to view or edit the collection on SideDoor, you can select those options from the SideDoor Settings menu.

The View Collection option offers the unique perspective of highlighting your potential profits if all items are ordered.

You can also view the products individually to see the profit margin for each.

High Commission

If you are already using affiliate links, then you are likely aware that on average you only earn about 2-7%. However, with SideDoor you can earn up to 30%.

Aside from creating shoppable boards for your clients, you can also use this integration to create shoppable content (that you can share on your blog or website) and earn commissions from any purchases that happen from your following.

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