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Customize Trim (Base, Crown and Chair) in 3D Floor Planner
Customize Trim (Base, Crown and Chair) in 3D Floor Planner

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of customizing trim elements in your 3D room designs using Design Files.

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Whether you want to apply crown molding, chair rail, or baseboard, you can easily customize these elements with a paint color, wood finish, or other textures.

Step 1: Accessing the Wall Editor

  1. Select the Wall:

    • Click on any wall in your 3D room design to begin.

  2. Open the Wall Editor:

    • After selecting the wall, a tooltip will appear. Click on the edit icon to enter the wall editor.

    • Here, you can add paint colors to the wall and manage trim elements.

Step 2: Adding and Customizing Crown Molding

  1. Select Crown Molding:

    • In the wall editor, click on the "Trim" option in the right-side panel.

    • You will see options for crown molding, baseboard, and chair rail. Select "Crown Molding."

  2. Apply Crown Molding:

    • Choose the desired crown molding option. It will appear as a basic rectangular shape in the editor but will show detailed relief in 3D mode.

  3. Adjust Dimensions:

    • Adjust the height and depth of the crown molding as needed.

  4. Change Texture:

    • Click on the edit icon next to the texture option to open the texture library.

    • Choose from a variety of textures. For a wood finish, select a wood texture from the library.

      Apply the selected texture to the crown molding.

  5. Rotate Texture (if needed):

    • If the wood texture grain is not aligned as desired, use the rotation tool in the right-side panel to rotate the texture. For instance, if it's aligned vertically, you can rotate 90° to have it aligned horizontally.

Step 3: Adding and Customizing Baseboard

  1. Select Baseboard:

    • In the trim options, select "Baseboard."

  2. Apply Baseboard:

    • Choose the desired baseboard option and adjust the height and depth as needed.

  3. Match Crown Molding Texture:

    • To match the crown molding texture, use the "Recents" folder in the texture library to quickly find and apply the same wood texture.

  4. Rotate Texture (if needed):

    • Use the rotation tool to align the wood grain texture as desired.

Step 4: Applying Trim to All Walls

  1. Duplicate Trim Settings:

    • Use the duplicate tool in the tooltip to apply the customized trim settings to all walls in the room.

    • Click on any wall and apply the texture to the entire room.

Additional Options: Customizing Chair Rail

  1. Select Chair Rail:

    • In the trim options, select "Chair Rail."

  2. Apply Chair Rail:

    • Choose the desired chair rail option and customize it using the steps outlined for crown molding and baseboard.


By following these steps, you can easily customize the trim elements in your 3D room designs to match your desired aesthetic. This feature allows you to create a cohesive and personalized look for your virtual spaces. You can use various paint colors, wood finishes, or other textures to achieve the perfect trim for your designs. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out via the live chat feature on Design Files.

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