1. Creating A New Facebook Project

 Log into your Designrr account. In your account's dashboard click on the "Create a New Project" button.

Select "Import from Facebook".

If this is your first time importing from Facebook or depending how you have your web browser configured, you will need to Authorize Designrr in your Facebook account. The Facebook login window will show up.

 Enter your Facebook login details and then you will be prompted to log back into your Designrr account and repeat steps 1 and 2.

2. Facebook Pages and Groups URL Structure

Click to Select your Facebook Profile or Search for a Facebook Page or Group then click the Import Button.

NOTE: If your Fanpage has a Vanity URL instead of numbers, like https://www.facebook.com/getdesignrr/ you may need to convert the vanity url name into the page number.

You can use this tool to replace "getdesignrr" with "1794847420742928" so the new Fanpage URL would be https://www.facebook.com/1794847420742928/ You can use a free tool like this one https://lookup-id.com/# to find your Fanpage Number.

3. Importing Facebook Posts Without Comments 

In this example, we will select the Designrr Fangpage and import a few posts. 

You can see that you have some additional options to fine tune your import: Comments Number and Reactions Number. These filters become very useful, on very busy pages and groups, allowing you to only import the best posts.

Example: We set the 'Comments Number' to 5 or more and the' Reactions Number' to 1 or more. With these settings we will import only posts within a year, with 5 comments or more and that have had some reaction to the comments. This means that posts with less than 5 comments will not be imported.

Once you are happy with your filters, then click on the 'Import' button

All the posts that fulfilled your filters criteria will be shown in a preview panel. If you want to import all, select all the post and click on the 'Next' button. (If you want to leave some posts out, just deselect them and those won't be imported).

Select your template and click the 'Next' button.

Your Facebook posts has been imported and are now ready to edit or publish. 

4. Importing Facebook Posts With Comments

If you also want to import the comments on the posts to your ebook, you will have to activate the 'Advanced' section. 

In this second row of filters, tick the 'Import Comments' box. Continuing with the same filter settings we used earlier in this tutorial we have it set to import only posts with 5 or more comments. In this second row you can also filter the max comments per posts to import, in this example we will select 5 comments per post.

Once you are happy with your filters, then click on the 'Import' button and follow the same steps as explained above to create your ebook.

5. Additional Import Filters

After doing all the fine tuning with the filters available, you can let Designrr select to import only the best content  by applying the IMPORT POSTS filter. If you select, for example the TOP 50 POSTS, based on your filters, Designrr will only display the 50 best posts for the selected time frame.

If you want to import image albums check the IMPORT ALBUMS box.

DEMO Video (Click to Watch)

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